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Replacing your Breaker Panel every few decades is a good idea.

Updating your homes electrical service is the best way to insure your home electrical system stays running in a safe and predictable manner. The electrical system in your home was built to last and most likely it has lasted decades without fail. After awhile its time to think of maintaining items that have worked for you silently in the background for many years.

As an electrical panels age increases the chance for a problem also increases. Resistance is the reason a breaker panel heats up and goes bad over time. Many times you will not notice the tiniest bit of corrosion that builds behind your breakers, under all the screw terminals and in the breakers them self. All of these little weak points develop over decades of use and become resistance points in your electrical system.

If you maintain the electrical system in your home you will avoid unexpected downtime and large costs for emergency calls. Getting ahead of inevitable servicing issues will save you money and aggravation in the long run. Call Batista Residential Electric 239-850-5007 for an inspection of your homes electrical system.