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Generator Transfer Switches

There are many ways you can install a generator transfer switch on your home. In this post we will go over a few of the most common types of generator transfer switches. The first is the panel cover transfer switch style, second is a limited circuit transfer switch style, third is the whole house automatic generator main breaker style.

The in-panel cover transfer switch is installed directly onto your main breaker panel cover. The transfer switch ties your main breaker to the generator breaker in a way that does not allow the generator breaker to be on at the same time as the main breaker. It also allows you to use any of the circuits in your panel which is nice, but this style of transfer switch can easily over load a portable generator. It is up to the user to manage the loads that are in operation as the generator is running.

A limited circuit transfer switch has a set number of circuits isolated from the main electrical panel. The circuits that are chosen at the time of the transfer switch installation will be the only circuits available when the power goes out. This style transfer switch is very limiting in what your generator will run when the utility power is not working. The advantage of this type of transfer switch is it should be sized to the generator, which means you have less of a chance to overload your generator.

The best option, depending on your affordability, is the whole house automatic transfer switch. In this case the generator should be sized to handle the entire home. Another big advantage with this type of transfer switch is the transfer switch will automatically turn on when it senses the power failure. The whole house transfer switch should run your entire home without skipping a beat.

There are many styles of transfer switches to choose from, our job at Batista Electric is to go over the multiple options with you and come to a style of transfer switch that works best for your individual needs.Call Batista Electric at 239-850-5007