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Dock lighting and electrical Boat Dock electrical wiring has changed over the years. With the combination of electric, water and metal parts, docks can be dangerous if not wired properly. Maintenance is also an issue with docks 30, 40 or 50 years old never being upgraded and falling into disrepair. In the last few years there have been some electrocutions due to poorly maintained electric to docks click here . These types of incidences are why I never cut corners on dock repairs which many times means running new wire and conduit all the way from the main panel.

There have been people getting hurt because of electricity on docks Call or text Mike at 239-850-5007 and we will give you a dock safety inspection on us.


I believe if the electric to docks are maintained to modern standards electrocution around docks would be reduced dramatically. At one point you were allowed to run the wiring to the dock without GFCI protection, than protect the wiring at the dock. Now the wiring has to be GFCI protected the entire way to the dock.

To be honest when a dock has been around for awhile there has usually been some homeowner modifications along the way. Some of the things people tend to do wrong are run wire without conduit, use the wrong wire in the conduit, tap into motor power to feed 120 volt lights or outlets. Let me say one more time GFCI protection all the way to the dock will help protect against electrocution more than the wiring methods mentioned above. If you do not use proper wiring methods the GFCI will be a nuisance, tripping at unwanted times, which leads people to remove the GFCI all together.

Getting rid of the electric to dock altogether may sound like a good idea, until you want to lift your boat out of the water. Being safe and having your dock wired and maintained by a licensed electrician should keep your dock safe and in working order for a long time.

The signs that a dock has wiring issues tend not to be that hard to find, they can normally be spotted by the naked eye. Under and above the dock you should look for broken conduit, wires without conduit, cut or hanging wires, extension cords that look to be a permanent fix or any sign of unprofessional work. Try to find the GFCI outlets or breakers that should be protecting the dock if there are none that is a problem.

After making sure your dock is in good working order…have fun.

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