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Bad Ground Rod

We all want our smart phones and computers to be safe. We use surge protectors and surge protected power strips to move over voltages off of our power supply and on to the homes grounding system.

When the grounding system is made up of old ground rods and a copper plumbing pipe (if you live is south Florida your plumbing has hopefully been changed to CPVC by now) the ground rods are decayed and out of service. Ground rods have a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years. If yours looks like this one it is older then 30 years.

The escape route for your electrical system over-voltages is your grounding system. Your surge protection does the best job it can do to divert over voltages to ground but it is up to you to make sure over voltages have a good path to ground. Call Batista Electric 239-850-5007 so we can fix this problem.